Every business is built around and defined by human relationships. At Flexion Point, our services begin by keeping a focus on this most crucial element. Any solution provider, support resource, or change agent needs to integrate with your team and business to be most effective. Many “canned” solutions fail not because they do not work, but because the implementing organization lacks the necessary people, structure, or process. By putting people and relationships first, we ensure that we can both provide a viable solution and implement it effectively.

  • Fractional Executive Support Services: When any organization is undergoing transformational change, having the right leadership at the helm is crucial. Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized businesses are challenged with the financial and logistical difficulties of hiring qualified executive leadership. Executive recruitment can be a high-risk gamble that you have the perfect fit on the first attempt. Our veteran C-suite officers can flex their tactical expertise to execute your strategic vision without complex compensation plans or long-term contracts. Please reach out for a conversation about how we can help execute your vision.

  • Operational Support Services: Our team specializes in building operational support teams and service networks to help multiply your business. We understand how to implement scalable, long-term solutions that will allow you to focus on what you do best: sell and deliver your core products and services. Whatever your support service need - data entry, analytics, A/P management, billing, payroll and HR, marketing, and more - our team can help. Engagements can be priced on fixed-fee or per hour arrangements based on client needs.

  • Transition Support Services: Unexpected staffing and leadership changes can leave you in turmoil. If your business is in a critical place, we can bridge the gap in the short-term while helping you create a long-term solution that fits your business. Let our experienced team help you lean into change, create stability, and develop an effective plan to get back on track.